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What Is Z-Wave Technology For Nexia Control?

Posted by Warner Service on May 8, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Trane partnered with Schlage®, the trusted leader in home security for more than 90 years, to create a simple-to-use Internet-enabled home automation system that lets you remotely adjust temperature, monitor security by computer or WiFi-enabled cell phone, and more. It’s called Nexia™ Control.

This whole-home automation gives you “the freedom of remote home management” and “total control of the comfort, efficiency and security of your home from anywhere,” according to Trane’s website.

To complement Nexia™ capabilities, Trane partnered with Z-Wave® in April 2016.

According to its product page, Z-Wave® is “a next-generation [world-standard] wireless technology that allows communication between virtually any electronic device in your home via low-powered radio waves [and remote control] that travel through walls, floors, and cabinets.”

It’s added to your home’s existing network, like Nexia™, and non Z-Wave® devices can be made compatible with a Z-Wave® accessory module. This technology controls anything in your home, including appliances, window shades, the thermostat, door locks, garage doors, fans, plugs/outlets, home entertainment, and lights. It even has smart energy and water management control and voice control.

Here’s what makes this additional component a standout technology in home security and the best partner for Trane’s Nexia™:

Versatile, Evolving Platform

“Nexia™ selected Z-Wave® technology to power your home automation experience” for many reasons. Since its debut in 2002, Z-Wave® has steadily evolved and withstood the test of time and technology, making it “an impressively versatile platform.” Over ten years of product innovation, Z-Wave® products still seamlessly operate with all technologies.

Signal Strength

The average indoor Z-Wave® communication range is 30 to 50 feet. Using Nexia’s mesh network, each additional line-powered device extends the range by 50 feet in all directions. This leaves no communication gap between your devices and a low susceptibility to interference by other wireless devices.

Z-Wave® understands the “presence” of an enabled device “and gives you confirmation that your devices have received the automatic or manual control commands you want,” according to Z-Wave For Consumers. This means you can use it for a one room, an entire floor, or your whole home, according to your needs.

A Long Life

“In addition to boasting a battery life of up to two years, Z-Wave® products are designed with...backward and forward make sure they don’t become obsolete,” according to the page.


With more than a thousand Z-Wave® products available, you’re able to tailor and expand your home automation system as you please.

“Designed specifically for the home automation space, Z-Wave® is the most widely adopted technology platform in the industry,” according to the page. This flexibility means that “Nexia™ is compatible with products from a variety of leading brands, ultimately giving you increased freedom of choice.”

Simple Installation

Nexia™ Control is designed to make your life easier, and installation is no exception. When adding a Z-Wave® device to your Nexia system, the process requires minimal technical experience for a successful do-it-yourself installation. It involves a couple of clicks in the app and a single push on the device.

The Strong Alliance

Since 2005, many global industry leaders, including Nexia as a principal partner, have joined forces with Z-Wave® “to increase awareness and support the advancement of Z-Wave® technology, ensuring that security and interoperability between systems remain at the forefront of the Z-Wave® revolution.”

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