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Why You Should Believe Trane Is "America's Most Trusted" HVAC

Posted by Warner Service on May 15, 2018 9:00:00 AM


In 1885, James Trane opened a plumbing and pipefitting shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin. His son, Reuben, invented the convector radiator in 1923. This firmly established his reputation and that of his father's company as innovative and forward-thinking, and an industry leader from the get-go.

With a great product and a recognizable brand name, Trane is America’s Most Trusted® HVAC manufacturer. But who’s word should you take for it?

More than 8,000 U.S. citizens. Lifestory Research collected 8,425 opinions from individuals in the United States over the course of the prior 12 months. This extensive survey is where “people anonymously assess the trust they have in brands they encounter during their active search for specific products,” according to Lifestory.

“Survey results are compared with peer organizations of like size and complexity and are highly reliable statistically. Brands needed to receive enough survey responses to achieve a 95 percent confidence level with no more than a 3 percent margin of error.”

For the third year in a row, Trane topped Carrier, Whirlpool, American Standard, and Lennox for the first place finish as America’s Most Trusted®.

Warner Service. We don’t just talk about Trane. We are about Trane.

It’s a "reliable" and "tough" brand that creates quiet, efficient heating and cooling equipment, according to our technicians. With the "best customer support", Trane is the best HVAC equipment manufacturer in the world"

"They have excellent response times within their tech support division," Information and Installation Manager Josh Via said. "They offer top-of-the-line training. Trane has some of the best residential and energy management offerings."

"The [easiest] way to put it is they always answer the phone," General Manager Barry Shirey said. "They stand behind [us] as a contractor 100 percent!"

The best part is that it's never been competition between other brands, according to Josh.

"Ever since I started at Warner in 2004, we’ve been representing Trane," he said. "Like Warner Service’s long history in Frederick, Trane has a long history. 

Learning the history of Trane really put into perspective on how Warner and Trane are alike. We strive to maintain [Warner's] own morals and values that built our company back in 1937."

Josh notes that our 80-year-old local plumbing and HVAC company shares similar qualities to Trane, including the down-home moral backbone that built each organization from the ground up.

"We do everything we can to build sustainable value through reliability, high quality education, advanced innovation, and integrity by employing the knowledge and expertise of our staff," he said.

"We treat each client’s [home or commercial building] as our own. We realize this mission by setting the highest standards for service, expertise, and humanity in our industry. I feel Trane and Warner Service share these same values."

At the end of the day, Warner Service and Trane are great partners because we both want what’s best for our customers. We both want to offer the best quality and most reliable HVAC equipment on the market.

"I recommend everyone I know a Trane system," Josh said. "I truly believe in their products and believe in their momentum moving forward to provide our customers with the best products applicable."

"Trane’s dedication to product quality is second to none," Barry said. "Trane also gets very involved in the manufacturer/contractor relationship by providing constant product training and always [finding] a way to be ahead of all other brands as far as technological advances.”

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