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It’s Time: Answering Google’s Weirdest Plumbing and HVAC Questions

Posted by Warner Service on Jan 15, 2016 8:00:00 AM


Google is a wonderful tool. It connects people across oceans, shows us pictures from around the world and gives us a platform to ask our most ridiculous questions without judgment. Many of those questions (unsurprisingly) have to do with plumbing and HVAC, so to help you understand, we’re here to answer Google’s weirdest plumbing, heating and air conditioning questions. Here’s Warner Service’s guide to Google’s strangest – and coolest – questions:

Q: Why are there aboveground pipes in Berlin that are pink?

A: These giant pipes snake through Germany’s capital for miles. This is because Berlin was built on a swamp, and in order to build on a swamp, the swamp water must be sucked up, transported across the city (hence why the pipes are aboveground) and dumped back into a canal. Some of these pipes are red and others are lilac, but most of them are pink because, long ago, the pipe distributor asked a psychologist what color children liked most. She said, “Pink is preferred by children, young people and older people who stay young-at-heart.” And there you have it.

Q: Does air conditioning kill fleas?

A: No. Making the room as cold as possible helps get rid of the pests because fleas thrive in humid conditions, but these bugs can lay dormant for months until conditions are conducive. (Ew.) To help control critters around your home, check out our handy guide.

Q: How many toilets are in the Pentagon?

A: The Department of Defense in Arlington, Virginia is one of the largest office buildings in the world, and that’s no surprise when there are twice as many bathrooms as necessary. When it was first constructed, segregation was still a considerable social issue, so the Pentagon’s engineers designed the building with separate facilities for black and white employees. This led to 284 bathrooms, a number that exceeded anticipated staff levels. After President Roosevelt prohibited the segregation of federal employees, the Pentagon was left with this unnecessary amount of bathrooms. No more waiting in line though.

Q: Why does my air conditioner/heater smell like fish?

A: First of all, gross. Second of all, nothing died. Your air conditioner or heater smells like this because a particular circuit is burning and melted some plastic from the plugs or the fuse box. Do not under any circumstance touch the plug or fuse box because it will burn your hand. Call a professional as soon as you smell the problem.

Q: Why were mercury-filled thermostats outlawed?

A: Mercury is an extremely toxic and dangerous chemical. One mercury-filled thermostat contains about 2.5 to 10 grams of mercury, which has the capacity to contaminate a 20-acre lake. Since the chemical compound doesn’t break down, if it’s improperly recycled, mercury can make its way into the environment. This negatively affects the food chain and all living organisms. Click here to find a free, thermostat recycling drop-off location near you.

From pink plumbing in Germany and fish-scented fire hazards to illegal thermostats and too many toilets, we hope we’ve answered at least a few of your burning questions on Google. To make an appointment for your own plumbing and HVAC questions, contact Warner Service today.


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