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How to Enjoy the Summer without Letting Heat Indoors

Posted by Warner Service on Jul 17, 2015 10:20:00 AM

summer-timeSummer is time for fun, food and ferociously high cooling bills. It is the dilemma that homeowners battle every season: How do you enjoy the outdoors without letting the heat in your air-conditioned house? The answer is not in sealing your doors or only letting your kids go outside at night. In fact, here are some of Warner Service best tips on how to enjoy the outdoors without letting the heat inside:

Use strategy when opening windows. This may seem counter-productive, but it actually works if you do it the right way. Heat rises quickly, especially from noon to 4 p.m. during the summer months so open the windows downstairs for the best ventilation. Another tip: Do not open all of them, and just crack the windows. You will want to experiment and “tune” your windows based on the temperature and breeze outside. You must think about the way the wind is blowing, if you live in an area with a lot of pollen or dust, and how often you or your family will be home that day.

Make your house like a mirror. Sunlight is your home’s biggest enemy when it comes to staying cool in the summer, so you will want to do anything you can to reduce and reflect it off your house. You can purchase reflective roof paint or opt for simply closing your drapes and shades whenever your windows are closed. Homeowners should also consider insulated window coverings, such as a portable screen or a large piece of cardboard. If any of these window options are too dark for you and your family, feel free to splurge on a special film that helps block a portion of the sun’s visible light and UV rays without blocking visibility. You can enjoy the sunshine from inside without having to suffer through the heat it provides.

Insulate your home. The fewer air leaks and more insulation your home has, the easier it will be to keep your house cool. Keeping an insulated home also helps with energy efficiency. If you choose to do this, it is important to not add your own indoor heat to the house. Save using the oven, stove and dishwasher for summer evenings or early mornings. Take advantage of the microwave or cook outdoors. Break out the grill this summer for the good of the cooling bill!

Cover your porch. Covered porches will help shade your home’s interior because it simply provides a barrier from the heat from the sun. You can also strategically place awnings, trees and plants to shade your home’s exterior. While you are redecorating your home’s exterior, consider installing shutters inside and out. This will help protect against heat as well as add security and protection against bad weather, such as harsh thunderstorms.

During these months, it is OK to take advantage of the warm weather, but that does not mean your air conditioning bill has to take a toll. Instead of opening your windows without reason, crack only the downstairs ones and adjust according to the wind. Buy reflective roof paint or a special film, or use an old piece of cardboard to hide away from the UV rays. While you are out, consider purchasing an awning or some new plants for some summer shade. Most of all, keep your house insulated properly, so you can enjoy the sun without letting the heat in your home. If you need help with installation or have any questions, contact Warner Service today.

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