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How Can Trane's WeatherGuard II Top Help Your Home In Snowy Weather?

Posted by Warner Service on Nov 18, 2016 9:00:00 AM


Warner Service is offering our Trane fall promotion, where homeowners can play Trane’s Big Game digital scratch-off after purchasing a heating or cooling system with Nexia™ control.

After spotlighting our customer’s favorite Trane heat pumps, thermostats, and furnaces, we dove into the details of Trane’s signature, top-notch technologies like Nexia Control to ComfortLink TechnologyNow, Warner Service is breaking down two of the most popular product specifications: The WeatherGuard II™ Top and ComfortCoil.

The WeatherGuard II Top

In 2002, Trane created this attractive, durable polycarbonate for lasting protection on its residential outdoor air conditioning units, and according to the company’s Twitter, the “distinctive WeatherGuard II Top provides unstoppable protection from the elements.”

The weather-resistant cover prevents snow, ice, leaves, and other natural debris from obstructing the outdoor unit’s fan and other components, and “the distinctive design provides an additional layer of safety to protect family members from moving parts, while also protecting inside components from damage,” according to their website.

“The design also makes Trane air conditioning units instantly recognizable everywhere.”

In fact, our technicians note that the WeatherGuard Top is so easily noticeable that homeowners associate it with units they’ve seen around the neighborhood. You can find the WeatherGuard Top and Fasteners, which are zinc-coated for equipment longevity and corrosion resistance, in the XL20i, XL18i, and XL16i units.


Comfort Coil

The Comfort Coil allows homeowners to get the most out of their air conditioning unit or heat pump. With 100 percent foil insulation, the Comfort Coil provides easy cleaning and quiet operation.

According to their website, “The two-way, sloped, non-corrosive drain pan prevents standing water, which significantly affects indoor air quality. And the all-aluminum, rust-resistant construction keeps the evaporator coil nearly corrosion-free, making it tougher on preventing leaks.”

The Comfort Coil’s easy access makes cleaning and maintenance easier for homeowners, which leads to higher efficiency and longer life. Also, the painted finish “provides increased protection from rust and corrosion and matches the furnace color.”

When combining Trane’s standout air conditioning units, heat pumps, furnaces, and thermostats with their top-of-the-line technology, homeowners receive the best in the business for their residential HVAC.

Talk to a Warner Service technician for more information on Trane's lineup, or click below to learn more about how you can protect your home in bad weather:

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