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5 HVAC Solutions To Make Your Home More Comfortable

Posted by Warner Service on Oct 3, 2017 9:00:00 AM


Your home should be a getaway that meets all of your comfort needs. By making a few adjustments to your current HVAC system, you can take your comfort to all new levels.

  • Nexia Control For Your HVAC System. Nexia Control is part of Trane's smart-home system that makes adjusting the indoor temperature as easy as sending a text message. This means you can come home to your ideal comfort setting.

    This smart-home system gives you a sense of security, too. Trane's Nexia Control allows you to lock doors or close the garage while you’re away at work or for a long holiday weekend. You'll never have to turn around to double-check if your home is secure again.

    With Trane's Nexia Control technology, you can also schedule comfort settings or turn on energy-saving mode while you’re away. With Trane's Nexia Controlyou save money while efficiently heating your home -- all from your smartphone.
  • Updated Insulation. Having up-to-date insulation is beneficial for efficient heating and your family’s health. Research found physical ailments, such as asthma, bronchitis, and infectious skin diseases, was linked to poor home insulation.

    Insulation works to keep your home warmer for a longer period of time while limiting how the amount of necessary energy for heating. As insulation ages, it becomes moist, which can cause corrosion and mold spores. This leads to a breakdown of the insulation membrane.

    Insulation also controls noise. This two-fold benefit keeps unwanted sounds out while maintaining your family's privacy. Isn't it a nice feeling to know your privacy is protected while promoting energy efficient heating?
  • Trane Premium Products. Choosing Trane means choosing the best indoor air quality possible for your family. Trane offers quality heat pumps, air handlers, and furnaces that allow you to get the most out of HVAC.

    Trane heat pumps are designed for homes that don't have access to natural gas (but can be beneficial for all homes). Heat pumps quietly and efficiently move air from one room to another, which can be useful in the winter and summer.

    Air handlers are an inside component to the heating and cooling system. Trane air handlers move hot and cold air, which is beneficial throughout the year. An optimized air handler improves the overall health of the HVAC system.

    Gas furnaces are the most popular choice in today’s home. Trane gas furnaces exchange gas to heat, allowing your home to be more efficiently warmed. By using a Trane furnace, you’re automatically keeping your home warmer, bills lower, and winter more manageable.
  • Smart Thermostats. Wireless thermostats give you the ease of controlling your home from anywhere. In addition, you'll get the benefit of email reports that show how the HVAC system is doing in reaching energy efficiency goals.

    Using a smart thermostat also gives you the ease of automation, as well as total control over your home’s climate. Smart thermostats are able to learn your comfort schedule, promote energy efficient heating, and lower the monthly energy bill.
  • Zoned Comfort. In a traditional forced-air system, air flows in a stop-and-start loop, which overuses electricity, increases monthly costs, and leads to uneven home heating. The goal of a zoned comfort system is to create a consistent home environment for your family throughout the year.

    In essence, a zoned comfort solution allows you to control which rooms you want to heat and cool. This keeps extra money in your pocket instead of paying for unnecessary air cooling.

Your comfort is only a few steps away. If you’re interested in increased comfort, call Warner Service. Warner offers Trane premium products to make your comfort dreams a reality. Ask about our fall Trane promotion:

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