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13 Father's Day Gifts That Are Better Than A Tie

Posted by Warner Service on Jun 17, 2016 8:30:00 AM


After a few Father’s Days under our belt, Warner Service knows what Dad wants for his holiday. Skip out on the necktie and cologne, and go straight for the power tools. Here’s our guide to Father’s Day gifts that Dad actually wants this year: 

  1. Laser Tape Measure. There are few things cooler than lasers, and this tool proves it. Dad will get instant measurements up to 30 feet with the push of a button, which means no more holding the end of the tape measure during DIY projects.
  2. Bench Cookies. The disclaimer here is that edible cookies are also acceptable for Father’s Day, but bench cookies are functional and last a lot longer. If your dad’s work pieces need a secure lift for sanding, carving, routing, drilling, and sawing, these bench cookies will do the trick.
  3. Paint Sprayer. Long gone are the days of paintbrushes. Thanks to ever-evolving technology, Dad can now get a smooth, high-quality coat of paint with this low-pressure sprayer (after a little practice). Ready for a flawless finish?
  4. Thumb-saving Nail Setter. Even if your dad is the handiest tool guy you’ve ever met, accidents happen, right? Get him the ThumbSaver Magnetic Nail Setter. It holds a nail in place, so he doesn’t have to sacrifice his fingers during the next project.
  5. Light-up Baseball Cap. Instead of splurging on a fancy flashlight, buy a simple baseball cap – with three built-in LED lights. Since the lights are always aimed at what he’s looking at, Dad won’t have to worry about hurting his back when moving a heavy floodlight.
  6. Noise-canceling Headphones. Silence never sounded so good. These high-tech headphones cancel out sounds from the loudest of tools, including a lawnmower, chainsaw, leaf blower, and anything else noisy in the shed. While it cancels out external sounds, it keeps his tunes sharp.
  7. Worst-Case Scenario: Man Skills. There a few skills every man should master like wrestling an alligator, extinguishing a fire, and calming a wailing baby. This survival guide by Joshua Piven, David Borgenicht, and Ben Winters has all the details on mastering important man skills.
  8. Riding Mower. It doesn’t matter if you have less than an acre of land around your home, every dad has always dreamed of owning a riding mower. While these toys are a bit pricey, nothing can top the feeling of operating your own riding mower.
  9. Turtle Bootscrape. For the handyman in your life, this turtle-shaped ceramic piece from Uncommon Goods is covered in bootscraping material, so you keep your boots and the house clean. (Sounds like a dual present for Mom, too.)
  10. Boot Rack. While we’re keeping the house clean, this wall-mounted boot rack keeps wet, dirty boots off the floor and hangs them upside down to air-dry. Even the sturdiest, toughest boots don’t stand a chance against this stainless steel apparatus.
  11. Mo-Tool. This tool can truly do it all. With standard Swiss Army-style features, a hammer, pliers, and an ax that’s compact enough to fit in a small car space. Dad will love this do-it-all tool.
  12. A Rolling Creeper Seat. It works in three steps: Dad stores his tools. Dad sits. Dad rolls.
  13. The Furniture Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Identify, Restore & Care for Furniture. From antique chairs to flea-market finds, Christophe Pourney teaches readers the art of restoring, updating, and caring for their furniture. With a little help from Martha Stewart and Jen Renzi, this book is a great Sunday read for Father’s Day.

Even though Dad’s collection of neckties, cologne, and sports paraphernalia is more impressive than most, it’s time to switch it up. Take it from a few Dads at Warner Service, these gifts are practical and perfect for the father figure in your life.

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